Negotiation Skills

The Haris Solutions Negotiation skills 1 day course covers the following topics:


Who is it for?


This course is aimed at anyone seeking to improve their negotiation skills in any field or part of continuous professional development


What is it about?


This course introduces negotiation and influencing techniques and skills. Negotiation and influencing techniques are not only used for sales people, but negotiation and influencing is vital for any role. Being a manager is about getting people to deliver – negotiation. Influencing is about achieving goals by cooperation and commitment from others. Being able to influence enables you get others to come around to your way of thinking without manipulation. Delegates will have the opportunity to take part in practical exercises aimed at testing several different techniques and building on skills.

What will I achieve?

How to use negotiation & Influence tools and techniques effectively, Able to select the most appropriate style, how to create buy in and close the deal


There are no prerequisites required prior to attending this course.


You will receive a courseware, exercises, and suggested solutions.

Course Content

  • What is negotiation & Influencing?
  • Key skills to negotiation & Influencing
  • Utilising Communication
  • Planning negotiation & Influence
  • Negotiation & Influence tools and techniques
  • Dealing with difficult situations and Manipulation Professionally
  • Different levels of negotiation & Influence

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