Customer Service course

The Haris Solutions Customer Service 1 day course covers the following topics:

Who is it for?


This course is aimed at all individuals in the organisation who deal with customers


What is it about?


This course introduces customer service, which is essential in every business. You never have a second chance to make a first impression with a customer. Customer service is all about getting it right first time and understanding what your customers really wants and not to assume we know. Building a good rapport with customers, will build confidence for the Customer and hopefully an increase in sales or business and a personal sense of achievement for you.


What will I achieve?


Identify the critical factors which influence customer service, Recognise the use of communication techniques to suit the audience, Able to communicate effectively your message, Understanding different customer behaviour & Use appropriate communication to build rapport with customers




  • There are no pre-requisites required prior to attending this course.




  • You will receive a courseware, exercises, and suggested solutions.


.Course Content   


  • What is customer service?·
  • Different communication vehicles·
  • Self assessments·
  • Build rapport with customer
  • Meet customer expectations every time·
  • Assertiveness techniques·
  • Dealing with difficult situations and customers
  • Self assessment of personal style



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